Tumbled Marble

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Warm and Welcoming Marble Designs
Tumbled MarbleThe look and feel of marble adds an instant sense of elegance to any room in the home. Whether it is incorporated in the flooring, countertops or wall tiles, the beautiful aesthetic of marble is impossible to attain from any other renovation material.
Not only is marble an excellent way to enhance the visual appeal of a home, it is a sound investment that will increase the value of any property. As a result, more homeowners are choosing to upgrade their kitchens, bathrooms and various parts of their home exteriors with this supreme material.
While marble tiles and slabs are the most common form used, tumbled marble offers a distinct look of subdued traditional and classic traits combined with upscale modernity.
Tumbled Marble
The use of sleek, unbroken marble offers a high-end feel and gives renovators all of the benefits and qualities of marble, while providing a softer, warmer and more welcoming feel.
This type of design is comprised of pieces of marble mixed with various other abrasives, resulting in a broken look that is often more appealing in certain décor schemes than others.
Due to their long-lasting durability, tumbled marble tiles are commonly found as exterior adornments around the pool area, or walkways. These tiles can withstand high traffic and various degrees of extreme temperatures. The look brings a sense of luxury to any outdoor area.
Benefits of Marble
Tumbled marble and regular marble slabs offer the same benefits home renovators. Aside from its obvious aesthetic appeal, marble's ability to retain its beauty for years is a top-selling feature. While there are cheaper materials available, few are comparable to marble and are capable of offering the same significant return on investment while remaining in style for years to come. While standard tiles and linoleum countertops need to be upgraded far more frequently, with proper care, marble tiles will remain pristine for up to a hundred years.
Not only do other options for tile renovations tend to fall out of style after a few years, they are also difficult to keep in excellent condition, especially when they are installed in highly trafficked areas of the home, such kitchens or bathrooms. Mold is more prone to developing on certain tiles and flooring such as hardwood, making for unhealthy living conditions. Marble tends to offer the perfect solution for bathroom and shower tiles, as it is mold-resistant. Furthermore, marble does not attract pathogens or allergens, enabling easy breathing. Homeowners also benefit from the high heat-conductivity quality of marble make winters more comfortable.
Installing tumbled marble tiles is a surprisingly simple renovation choice and with advice from a professional, the entire renovation process can be conducted with ease and elegance enhancing the look of any room in the house.